Creative Projects


Abstractions Arrive

In 2012 I worked with William H. Gass and his friend and longtime collaborator Michael Eastman to publish their special prose/photography project “Abstractions Arrive: Having Been There All the Time” as an interactive iPad-only e-book. In summer 2016, I removed the e-book from Apple’s bookstore and published the 15,000-word Gass essay — and companion photographs by Eastman — on Medium with the URL Over the years, more than a few readers had emailed me from around the world saying they’d love the chance to take in the project, but the iTunes Store regulations in their country didn’t allow for it. Now, the same piece is fully available to anyone with access to the Web, with beautiful photography and sharp typography that resizes to fit any size screen the reader is using. (Medium is the same platform where I published

The Gass Interviews

In 2014, I edited and published "The Ear's Mouth Must Move: Essential Interviews of William H. Gass." The collection, published on Medium, includes a dozen or so of Gass's finest interviews, complete with related audio, video and photography. 


For about a decade, I have been the online steward of, a website I founded for readers of this celebrated American literary figure.

Fires, Fuel & the Fate of 3 Billion

As part of the TOKY team, I spent a year-plus helping develop and edit this book by Gautam Yadama, with photographs by Mark Katzman. You can read more about the project via TOKY and Washington University in St. Louis.