Tyler Green on the Walker's New Site

From his post, “Why the Walker’s new website is a big deal”: 

Traditionally, art museum websites have been where you go to get information about the museum: its collection, its exhibitions, its public programs and so on — and that’s it. Art museum websites typically pretend that the museum is an island unto itself. Sometimes parts of museum websites have gone beyond their institution’s walls — SFMOMA’s eclectic and fascinating Open Space blog occasionally does this, for example — but not often.

The new Walker website rejects that approach by presenting the Walker as both a physical and a virtual community hub — and it defines its community appropriately broadly, as both the art world and the Walker’s home state of Minnesota. With its audience thus defined, the new website promises to provide not just information about the Walker, but information about art and artists wherever they are, with an special and appropriate focus on its home region. That’s smart. Next up: We’ll see how the website delivers on that promise.