Three Responses of Note

David Remnick, writing at The New Yorker:

Let’s be even plainer: to do what Trump has done (and he is only the latest and loudest and most spectacularly hirsute) is a conscious form of race-baiting, of fear-mongering.

John Dickerson, writing at Slate:

One of the evils of racism is that it locks in the idea that no matter how well you do, your achievements will never be considered legitimate.

James Fallows, writing at The Atlantic:

“And you know it.” The “affably” acid comments in the first 20 seconds of this clip (from the White House) almost justify the whole birther extravaganza. Well, actually, they don’t –and don’t even come close. But the hyper-controlled Obama’s decision to let out that bit of bile about how the press works, including dropping the affable mask for a few seconds with the punchline “and you know it,” reveals the real feelings of every politician about the instincts and workings of the press. (I wrote about this in Breaking the News.)  It’s fascinating to see how Obama instantly, perhaps instinctively, lightens the mood again with a heartier-than-needed laugh, and his super-radiant smile, at a mild witticism someone calls from the crowd. But that doesn’t take away the edge of the way he began.