The Pulitzer & Foer

Back in St. Louis this week, T. and I headed to the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts for the new exhibition Hiroshi Sugimoto: Photographs of Joe. I remember seeing my first Sugimoto photograph a few years ago in the Cleveland Museum of Art, when I was visiting that city for a wedding. “Joe” is the 125-ton Richard Serra sculpture pictured above. If you want to see my own recent photos of the piece (the above is one), you can go here. I recommend Sugimoto’s, though, as he’s Sugimoto and I’m me. His black-and-white images have an amazing delicacy about them, considering how hulking the Serra sculpture really is. For the big-spenders among us, the Pulitzer is selling an $80 exhibition catalog, which won’t officially be out until late fall. The catalog features the beautiful work by Sugimoto, with text by Jonathan Safran Foer. (I was told that JSF was on site around the time of the opening last week. This blog post mentions the photographer’s visit, but not JSF’s.) An email announcement from the Pulitzer describes the catalog this way:

Foer’s deep interest in the juxtaposition of the visual arts and poetic language predestined him to be part of the project. He composed a text in relation to the sculpture and the photographs without describing or defining them.

The book looks absolutely delicious. If you’d like to PayPal me $80, I’ll happily buy it, then describe it page by page.