The Creative Class in STL

I haven’t read this complete St. Louis Magazine article yet – I understand there are some errors in it – but this passage did catch my eye during a first skim-through:

All loved the idea of what they could become because they live in St. Louis. “I was a bit reluctant, after I got a master’s in Creative Writing at NYU, to move back to St. Louis,” says poet Aaron Belz. “I feared I would be putting myself in relative obscurity, but my work has really benefited from the low-key, eclectic intellectuals and artists I’ve met here. There is no fake hipsterism here because there’s no social reward for that, only marginalization. If you’re an artist or a city arts patron, it’s because you’re devoted to a cause. St. Louis is becoming a significant poetry center; we’re part of the big picture in a vital, younger sense.”

Amanda and Steve report that the magazine has corrected its web version of the story, but the editors make no note of that themselves. Strange.