Liberal Arts to the Rescue

So having an undergraduate andgraduate degree in liberal studies does not keep me from finding this degree-mocking McSweeney’s piece – “The Only Thing That Can Stop This Asteroid Is Your Liberal Arts Degree” – very, very funny.

I’ve seen your work and it’s damn impressive. Your midterm paper on the semiotics of Band of Outsiders turned a lot of heads at mission control. Your performance in Biology For Non-Science Majors was impressive, matched only by your mastery of second-year Portuguese. And a lot of the research we do here couldn’t have happened without your groundbreaking work on suburban malaise and its representation and repression in John Hughes’ films. I hope you’re still that good, because when you’re lowering a hydrogen bomb into a craggy mass of flying astronomic death with barely any gravity, you’re going to need to draw on all the multidisciplinary reason and analysis you’ve got. 

McSweeney’s is killing it this week, with the above following yesterday’s “A Great Job Opportunity!” Great stuff.