Jonathan Rosenbaum on "Kicking and Screaming"

A summary paragraph from the essay, written for Criterion in 2006:

Grover (Josh Hamilton), expecting to live in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, Jane (Olivia d’Abo), is so dumbstruck and angry when she accepts a scholarship to study in Prague that he won’t reply to any of her phone messages and can only brood over their past in five strategically placed flashbacks, each one heralded by a black-and-white snapshot of her. Otis (Carlos Jacott) finds himself incapable of flying to grad school in Milwaukee, only one time zone away, and reverts to living with his mother. Max (Chris Eigeman), who’d rather label broken glass as such on the floor than sweep it up, finds nothing better to do than chide Otis, do crossword puzzles, and have sex with Miami (Parker Posey), the girlfriend of Skippy (Jason Wiles). And Skippy literally returns to school but can’t bring himself to do any of the work. As Miami and Kate (Cara Buono)—a sixteen-year-old to whom Max turns next—both point out at separate junctures, these four friends tend to talk and behave in the same way, inventing arcane quizzes (“Can you name eight movies in which monkeys play a major role?”) while downing lots of scotch and beer and in general comprising something that resembles a four-man frat house. 

One of my favorite film critics on one of my favorite films.