Jennifer Walzer: I've Changed My Mind About P.R.

In this NYT piece, the founder and chief executive of Backup My Info! writes of realizing that she does in fact need a P.R. company to help gain media coverage. When she states that “we have an excellent story to tell” — no doubt true — I couldn’t help but think it’s a missed opportunity to focus solely on P.R. Why not invest in generating compelling content from within, like say, Backblaze or Dropbox (to take two examples in the back-up space)? Launch a blog and feed it well. Tell your own story.

Walzer sounds excited about the company’s ultimate decision to hire a P.R. shop called Springboard, and I wish them both success. I would have been concerned, though, by how Springboard itself is communicating on the web. On my visit today, their company blog was a 404 dead-end, and their last post on Tumblr was from September 2008.