I've Expanded the Archive

I first started blogging at stephenschenkenberg.com in late 2004, using the Typepad CMS. After a few years, I moved to Squarespace. It’s a sharp system — and one I still use for other websites — but in late 2009 I made the move to Tumblr. Publishing new posts — especially those that are essentially links to other material (with commentary) — is so much easier, thanks to its dependable bookmarklet. While I was able to do a one-click import of my Typepad posts into Squarespace way back when, that wasn’t an option when I moved to Tumblr. So several hundred posts over a five-year period have been just sitting in a text file on my MacBook. Because what the world surely needs is more dated blog posts, I spent a handful of hours this weekend manually posting about 70% of that old material to this version of my website, expanding the archive a significant amount. There’s a lot of new/old material on David Foster Wallace. Same with William Gass. A bit of Gaddis. Also more tagged with literaturebooksfilmvisual artreligion, and affairs. Of all the posts, here are two that newer readers may enjoy scanning: My Favorite Sentences of 2004 and My Favorite Sentences of 2005.