Human Potentials

This past Friday and Saturday delivered cultural experiences representing the worst and best of what humans are capable of. On one end was the German film “Downfall,” about Hitler’s last days in his bunker; it was vivid, riveting, incredibly well acted, and straight-forward in its horror. On the other was the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra’s performance of four very different works: Milhaud’s “Fanfare” (short and jaunty); Mozart’s “Concerto No. 23” (mostly sunny with a beautifully somber Adagio); Frank’s “Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra” (its bold, more brooding start gave a nice punch following the Mozart); and Dvorak’s “Symphony No. 8” (marvelous and rich; loved the horns). It’s great to have the SLSO back after the strike. We’re rewarded with the return of not only the music but the blog as well.