How Wallace Made Me Smile (GWCH)

Continuing from last night’s post, here are a few lines from Girl with Curious Hair:

From Frontmatter
ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF SUPPORT TO: The Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Fund for Aimless Children

From “Little Expressionless Animals”
“Faye’s thongs squeak and slap.
‘Your shoes sound like sex,’ Julie says.”

From “Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way”
“D.L. was severely thin, thin in a way that suggested not delicacy but a kind of stinginess about how much of herself she’d extend to the space around her. Thin the way mean nuns are thin. She walked funny, with the pelvis-led posture of a man at a urinal; she carried her arms either wrapped around her chest or out and down at a scarecrow’s jangly right angles; she was slatternly and exuded pheromones apparently attractive only to bacteria; she had a fatal taste for: (1) polyester; (2) pantsuits; (3) lime green.”

“Eberhardt’s stories tended 'not to work for him’ because of what he called a certain 'Look-Mom-no-hands quality’ that ran through her work. You don’t want her facial reaction described.”

“And but gratitude? This job is a plum, clown-wise — veteran clowns would have given left nuts for even a giggled audition.”

“DeHaven — who, like anybody who smokes dope under his parents’ roof, is quick on his feet when it comes to explaining wild kitchen incongruities — delineates a deep concern for the impression toe odor of the Steelritter drain could have made …”

“And but it turns out it’s only the sign in the window itself that’s for sale, at the Criticism Store.”

“Source of panic: the car’s jouncing, and the almost prosthetically firm push of Magda’s right breast — they’re that close together — have given the sort of erection that laughs at the restraining capacity of gabardine the way a hangover laughs at aspirin.”

“Magda’s yellow silence is that horrified public kind of one whose seatmate has farted at the ballet.”