GigaOm: Is It Time to Stop Blogging and Start an Email Newsletter?

Interesting piece. I’m particular intrigued by Sam Lessin’s move (as announced here) to his $1.99/month newsletter, running on his own new service, Two of Lessin’s reasons for the switch: “b. Driven by gmail, the inbox means something new, and people want stuff there: I used to believe that the inbox was sacred and nothing but the most critical email should ever be sent. Gmail has fundamentally changed the medium. The inbox is still sacred, but it is so easy to control on the consumption end that there is no longer the same need to control it on the publishing end. ¶ c. Personal intellectual rigor: Delivering information to the inboxes of people I truly respect means that I can’t get away with half truths / linguistic games. I need to truly believe what I say before I hit send and I love that characteristic."