"E-commerce Luring Top Editorial Talent"

An interesting piece at WWD.com about editorial, content-focused approaches to e-commerce ventures, and the varying comfort levels of those involved (including Ruth Reichl, now editorial advisor to Gilt Taste).

I’m curious how much more Tyler Brûlé told the interviewer, because in the few sentences used here he comes off as dismissive of this content approach, calling it “the new C word.” Yet he’s well know outside of his journalistic life (Wallpaper, Monocle, Financial Times) for concurrently heading up Winkreative, the international branding firm he founded way back in 1998 that provides “content publishing” and "prides itself on creating value enhancement for its clients through creative solutions anchored by a quality journalistic approach.“ Taking a journalistic approach is actually what Gilt Taste and others are doing. Perhaps Brûlé’s just a bit defensive about the new crowds elbowing into this space (with new lingo to boot) and skeptical that their projects will be as well-crafted as his.