Daring Fireball: "Pricing Should Be Simple"

I agree with almost everything John Gruber writes here about the NYT’s new pricing model — that it’s too complicated, and it would likely be more popular (including with me) if it were cheaper. But I do wish more people making the comparison between the subscription plans of Netflix and the NYT would at least acknowledge their obvious difference: the former mainly distributes other companies’ content, while the NYT’s staff reports, writes, edits, fact-checks, photographs, illustrates, and packages their own content from many countries around the world. Only then does the process (and cost) of distribution actually begin.

My wife and I really value the Times, though we’re not sure whether we’ll buck up and subscribe; we’ve sure gotten used to not spending that money. I can say as a former magazine editor-in-chief who grappled with the what-to-put-online-for-free question, I don’t envy the Times staff charged with making this work.