Cormac Appears, Disappears

Without much fanfare, Vanity Fair is out with an interview with Cormac McCarthy – the first the 72-year-old novelist has done in 13 years. (Here’s the last one.) VF’s “Cormac Country” (8/05) is written by Richard B. Woodward, and there’s a ruggedly handsome photograph by Kurt Markus. There’s a few new personal details – he’s remarried to a woman quite a bit younger; they’ve got a six-year-old son – but the emphasis is on McCarthy’s life outside literature. He’s got an office at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, and he seems happiest when he’s around scientists and mathematicians. From the article:

“During informal get-togethers in the dining areas, McCarthy joins in by drawing on his extensive reading in 20th-century physics, the philosophy of mathematics, and animal behavior. In his office are manuscripts or galleys from friends in various arcane fields, such as Harvard’s Lisa Randall, a leading string theorist. They send him their latest papers because they’re curious, to know what he thinks, and they know he likes to keep up on their research.”

Good for Vanity Fair. They’re on a roll.