Chan's Return

In anticipation of Cat Power’s forthcoming record, The Greatest, here’s a few really fine lines from Ben Ratliff’s “The Slacker Divas’ 10th Anniversary Gift,” in today’s NYT:

Hers was a hurt, disembodied, voice, operating on lulling frequencies over draggy tempos, like old Neil Young without the sense of direction. She sang about being all jammed up inside, about counterintuition, things adding up to nothing. (Consequently, she found a devoted audience among college-aged listeners.) She didn’t convey defiance or rejuvenation or youthful suffering. She just sounded like she was blankly persevering.

Her songs seemed to ignore linear time. They could be beautiful for a minute, and then fall off the aesthetic grid, like music from some dim point in the future, after there had ceased to be any point in making music.

My review of CP’s You Are Free record is here.