Baumbach's Cruise-Inspired Column

Since I get a handful of visitors here who are searching for “Noah Baumbach + Kicking and Screaming + DVD release,” and since these searchers aren’t helped out by an actual release, I thought I’d post a link to NB’s new humor column in this week’s New Yorker. From “My Dog is Tom Cruise”:

“I can‚Äôt sit or stay, man. I need to get up on my hind legs and holler, you know! I gotta pee on something. And I don‚Äôt care what the other animals do or what their masters say. Listen, there are always gonna be pit bulls. There are always gonna be Dobermans. And cynical little pugs. And you know what? I‚Äôve never cared what others think about me. I‚Äôve always been this way. I‚Äôm living my life. And I am fortunate. And I am excited. I am fortunate and excited.”

Baumbach’s previous New Yorker columns were just as funny, especially “Keith Richards’ Desert-Island Disks.” His current movie, “The Squid and the Whale,” was shown at Sundance and should be out later this year. And we’re all still holding our breaths for “K&S” on DVD.