"An Introduction to Squarespace V6"

Squarespace has posted its first preview of its Version 6 CMS, which has been a long time coming. I’m intrigued. I used SQS for several years, then switched to Tumblr both to save money and to take advantage of its superior bookmarklet for quick link-post publishing. (I still run two family member’s websites on SQS.)

On the second page of this blog post’s comments, Squarespace’s Anthony Casalena responds to many of the questions posed, including this one dealing with Tumblr:

Will you be embracing the content aware styling approach to blog posts used by Tumblr in this release?

Yes. And extending it. 

On another note, I’ve been very impressed with Virb (which my work website runs on) and have considered doing even more on its CMS in the future. But I’m among those keeping my eye out for Squarespace’s V6 release.