A Changed Man

A personal update: I’ve gotten engaged, sold my St. Louis loft, and will soon relocate to Madison, WI, where my future wife is in a doctoral program in art history. My shift into a life of fulltime freelance writing and editing will mean a shift in my online presence. stephenschenkenberg.com will soon become a general home page for me as a human being making his living writing and editing. It will include a link to this Typepad blog you’re reading now.

Although packing up for a move is never much fun, I have to say I enjoyed using the program Booxter to input all my books into a database before boxing them up. It’s the perfect program for a book-geek to dork out on.

All for now. I’ll post anew when I settle into Madison in a few weeks. (This includes commentary on the Wisconsin Book Festival, which I’ll be attending for the third year in a row.) Bye.